Happy New Year

Happy New Year, May this year be filled with good health and Happiness. Thankfully my internet is being a gentleman, if its a man, or a being a lady. Been trying to upload photos and posting but in vain. Don’t even know if this post will go through or not, but Yayyy i am still […]

Tent prints

     The bright colorful table cloth, ‘the tent print’, which comes in many shapes and forms from napkins, bread baskets to funky hand bags, especially in Ramadan. You know Ramadan in Egypt is coming when shops, stores, kiosks, tents will spring up everywhere with this print. And i have come to simply love this, […]

Adjusting Adjusting and still trying

  LIfes been pretty upside down, we are back in cairo, two months now actually, time flies. South Africa looks like a distant beautiful memory, The first week back was quite miserable, I missed being alone, missed having not-to-sit-at-home-on-the-weekends. I love cairo don’t get me wrong and its probably one the most happening cities in the […]