We love to travel or going out to be more precise as you dont call going to the local museum as ‘traveling’ do you? dont have the term ‘relaxing on the weekend’ in our vocabulary, love taking photos and capturing life through the lense although i do think that life and emotions are much bigger then to be captured, but there can be those slight rare moments when we do feel the calmness of the ocean or the might of the mountains only by looking at a mere piece of paper. In short we are trying to make the best of what ever life throws at us and wherever destiny takes us. Oh and i love to bake as well. Happy reading and do come by again:)

Edit: and all this time we have been trying to conceive as well, journey has been long but we have learnt to be happy and except things beyond our control 🙂 All i can say is if we do have a baby ill be able to say that we were thankful for this time as well, and dint waste my time crying (apart from some very rare frustrations of course, we are humans after all)


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