All that’s dark is not always dark

DSC_0967Dark, misty, wintry

Full moon night

a cup of hot tea

happiness, comfort, dreams


How i miss it

and how i love to be back there

same place, same dreams, same cup of tea

Ami’s laughter

Papa calling to come inside

I love dark wintry nights, a warm quilt, late night cup of tea, my mom’s endless gossip sessions, and then my dad calling us inside to sleep or we wont wake up on time the next day.

 After ages i was there this winter, usually its always summer i am there and after years we ALL were together, it was still the same, the dark misty nights were still there, we forgot our struggles and led ourselves to dream again, my parents faith still behind us, pushing us to move forward.

 and Oh yes we fought too, all was not merry:) but that’s part of being a family.


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