Egypt-Al Tannoura

               Now this guy really loves what he’s doing, his passion is literally oozing out

I have a friend, she is very passionate about her work. My two sister they are amazing artists, hence very passionate about painting. Most of the people around me know what they want whereas i was/am passionate about lots of things, my passions come and go. when i was in college i was passionate about helping the human race hence my post graduation in Psychology, then came volunteer work at an orphanage, travelling, photography, baking, banning Canned hunting in South Africa, studying Egyptian history in Egypt, endless Safari drives, bungee jumping, golf, tennis, walking through old streets of Cairo, trekking, waiting on Games of thrones, Downton abbey, The walking dead etc etc and etc, the endless list…..

but… the end if i was ever really passionate and ever really dreamy about was, being married, having a nice good looking husband(yes looks do matter :P), a nice cosy apartment and most of all being a MOM. I have most of it, i know i should be thankful but i am not a MOM.  Everything comes down to my *that Passion*, and what scares me the most is IF this IVF is not successful what am i going to do?

Yes…so…i envy people who get to do whatever they are passionate about, who know what they want in life




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