down that road…Again

Our journey of trying to conceive has been 9 years long and its still going strong, with a number of IUI’s, potential IVF twice (long story) and then excepting life as it is. And then after three years, we are actually down that road again. The urge for a baby was gone, we traveled, had fun, did things, experienced life and was actually happy and did actually think we can live like this but why do i find ourselves going back to the Clinic again and long lists of tests again. Whyyyyy?????


3 thoughts on “down that road…Again

    • Thank you, need all the luck i can get right now. Going through your blog right now, feels like its me talking :)) Sending baby dust to you all the way!!

      • Haha it’s funny when you come across another blog that sounds like your brain talking! Thanks for the baby dust mate. Much appreciated☺️. Virtual hugs strength and power to you xxx

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