Ex Expat Wife

After an absence of 6 months, i am back. We finally moved but we moved back home Pakistan, I am home but still not home, as home is Islamabad and this is Karachi. Between home and Karachi its 1 and a half hour flight, so technically speaking this place is still new to me. Thank God the language issue faced in Cairo has been resolved, i can get my work done easily here, but then again that was the best part in being an expat.

When we decided to move back, i actually thought it would be the easiest thing to do, i mean how difficult would it be to move back home. But honestly i think its more difficult then an expat move. When we move back home we expect everything to be as it is, as we left it years ago, but we are so wrong. My friend sent me an article on repatriating and a sentence from that article has stuck with me since  ‘you’v changed and things back home have changed’. It is so true and i am trying my best to deal with it, even things at my parents have changed, they have grown old 😦 .

Best thing about being an expat is we belong to a tribe young or old, big or small, people who’v been around the world, there is so much to talk about and tell each other, the cultural experiences. But back home we are 1 the same, among an ocean of people, Everyone is just too busy to sit and listen.

So in a bid to settle in and to soothe our wanderlust, we have decided to explore this new city and also our own country. The northern mountainous areas of Pakistan are beautilful. In the meantime i am setting up our apartment and trying to organize the thousands of photos have taken past 8 years :).


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