Happy New Year

Happy New Year, May this year be filled with good health and Happiness. Thankfully my internet is being a gentleman, if its a man, or a being a lady. Been trying to upload photos and posting but in vain. Don’t even know if this post will go through or not, but Yayyy i am still able to type. and after a long gap, not that i am regular blogger but i wanted to be untill the internet went wild.

Much happened these 2 months, went on a Nile cruise, did lots of baking, had two big dinners at my place, a lot of socializing, crying spells because of the sad school shooting in Peshawar and in the end a trip to Paris and Italy to end 2014. After summing up my two months it seriously looks like i don’t do anything worthwhile. But honestly i cant be that bad, i do sit with the old widow upstairs and listen to her stories. We sometimes miss the little stories in life and remember the big ones, in reality its little ones that had Made-our-day. 

Looks like i just decided on my new year resolution ‘Count the little things in life and be content with them’ and bigger thing will come your way

Really want to post some photos, if my internet decides to work with me.


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