(Planning) Cruising on the Nile

I was just informed by my husband that we are going on a Nile cruise with a group of friends and their respective kids. It will start from Luxor and end at Aswan. As i have been to Luxor thrice, so this will be more of a cruise experience as well as seeing the Temple of Philae which is on an island in middle of the Great NIle. Apart from the Pyramids and the museum much of the Pharaonic sites are in Luxor, Its a wonderful place if your a history buff, which i am or i like to be, but the thing is i find the locals there too hospitable for my liking.

The 1st time we went, my mum-in-law(mil) and a cousin of mine were visiting. It was fun, breath taking and all of the amazing vocabulary you can use to describe the temples and the tombs, but we would hear remarks like ‘oh wow 2 girlfriends/wives’ every where we went, initially we’d laugh it off but by the end of the 3rd day it really got to us, and some places mil also became my husbands 3rd wife/girlfriend.

2nd time it was me, my sister and brother, well deja vu, now he was the one with 2 wives/girlfriends. funny at first then annoying in the end.

3rd time, this time all of my inlaws were here, mil, my brother in law(bil) his wife and kids. this time hubby dear said ‘I wont leave the hotel, no body will ask me to go out apart from the sightseeing areas’. it looked slightly rude so i became the nice daughter-in-law and said ‘oh don’t be a spoil sport, learn to ignore, we all are going, you stay behind’, and so we went and what do you know, now it was bil’s turn to have 3 wives.

Hopefully it’ll be better this time as there will be no singletons, only families and couples. But honestly i think the locals are only trying to be friendly and they are just too hospitable, its a awe-spiring place to go to hence our going there for the 4th time. From the massive Columns of Karnak, to the anicent hieroglyphics in the tombs, to the Hatsheput temple beneath the cliffs of Deir ul Bahri, the place is worth going. Sharing some of the pictures i took over the years





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