Tent prints

DSC_0331     The bright colorful table cloth, ‘the tent print’, which comes in many shapes and forms from napkins, bread baskets to funky hand bags, especially in Ramadan. You know Ramadan in Egypt is coming when shops, stores, kiosks, tents will spring up everywhere with this print. And i have come to simply love this, so you can guess after spending six Ramadans in Cairo, what sorts of things i own right now.

See Cairo is a city full of surprises, you wont know what new things you’ll find. After living here for years now, and a self-proclaimed guide of Cairo, i recently learnt that this print is a copied machine printed version of actual hand sewn patch work. Yes i have seen those patch work cushions, even have a set of two, but i never knew that they both are the same. Well i never knew that long time back huge tents were hand sewn in the same designs as these machine printed ones and by doing a little search online i have found the place deep in the old Cairo, where only a hundred of those original tent workers are left, who have passed on their knowledge of sewing from father to son. So my next agenda after Ramadan is exploring the Shari Khayyamiya. Khayma means “tent” in Arabic and Shari is “street”, “the Street of Tent makers” :))DSC_0336

Sad thing about Industrialization is, originals are lost somewhere among the ancient walls of a city where only the echos of glorious past remains waiting for us the new generation to come and see what we are lacking in our fast moving lives.

Will get photos of the original patchworks, stay tuned.



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