Something to think about

      We are observing the month of ramadan nowadays, so eat before sunrise and break the fast at sunset, pretty hard due to the long summer hot days. But see that’s the whole point, God wants us to know what a poor man feels like, so we can keep our hands open and give more charity and be kind. The thing is, yes fasting is difficult (although i enjoy it a lot), do we in this modern age, with air conditioning everywhere really feel that thirst? and funny is, it is still us privileged ones who complain more of not being able to eating then the poor ones.

        What got me really thinking is, we were invited to some iftar party, got lost, were getting late so decided to get a single banana from a street fruit vendor to break our fast. Now imagine the scenario, we in an air con car, him outside although yes the sun is relatively down, but he had stood there in the heat the whole day without food, we ask him for a single banana and when we pay him he refuses to take the money. That man can charge me triple the amount of money and we will buy it, but he did not. I was amazed, embarrassed whatever you may call it, at his generosity or his kindness, in my world he’s the needy poor one. but that moment i was the one who was poor, not poor materialistically, but poor at heart.

Something to think about…..


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