last safari outing

We went to pilanesberg game reserve on the weekend. Quite a sizeable park with ample amount of wildlife. well we went in research of a male lion, as we are leaving i dint as yet have a Male lions photo in my South african portfolio. HAd booked a tour, but went early so we can go around the park ourselves first. Saw alots of wilderbeast lazing around, fascinating animal they are, quite ugly actually, but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder as its said, i find them *ugly beautiful*, i mean there can be beauty in ugliness cant it?? its called gnu is the local language, and has a funny beard, spent some good 30 mins with them, some were sitting, some standing munching, had babies too. There is something so peacful about an animal eating, the sound they make, it stays with you for a long time, especially watching an elephnat eat. There nothing more soothing then watching an elephant eat.

, Image

Lots of Giraffes, of course the Mcdonalds pf the bush ‘impalas’, a big bull elephant. and of course the high light was the stripped hyena, its hard to see stripped hyena as they are not as social as the spotted ones.

Sadly the ranger couldnt also spot the lions, so we came back with no Male lions photo, probably thats a sign for us to come back to south africa again, u never know how destiny works *wink wink*


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