(somewhere in Pakistan)

contemplating whether to search in the vast unknown,

or be happy and content in our own safe haven


My Father, My Hero

Recently I underwent some tests, the results were due in 10 days, my doctor took off right before the results came in for 2 weeks, and when he came back took another week to decide on a plan on how to proceed, so that was a whole month of agonizing wait of-the-unknown.

As a child growing up, my cousins and friends fathers always took them on a holiday as a family, we almost never went on one, only on public holidays maybe.

My father is a doctor and he made a commitment to his patients, something I understand now. And I am proud of him today.

All that’s dark is not always dark

DSC_0967Dark, misty, wintry

Full moon night

a cup of hot tea

happiness, comfort, dreams


How i miss it

and how i love to be back there

same place, same dreams, same cup of tea

Ami’s laughter

Papa calling to come inside

I love dark wintry nights, a warm quilt, late night cup of tea, my mom’s endless gossip sessions, and then my dad calling us inside to sleep or we wont wake up on time the next day.

 After ages i was there this winter, usually its always summer i am there and after years we ALL were together, it was still the same, the dark misty nights were still there, we forgot our struggles and led ourselves to dream again, my parents faith still behind us, pushing us to move forward.

 and Oh yes we fought too, all was not merry:) but that’s part of being a family.


Mast           sailing



                    the mast did its duty

                     Nile Cruise Egypt

I was talking to my mom today, she mentioned that if she ever made a company will name it MAST, reason: MAST moves forwards, tries its best, whether drowns or reaches its destination it has tried, and if maneuvered right and it will get you there.

Got me thinking, sometimes parents, well ok most of the time they say such inspirational things even without realizing. So if i ever make a company will definitely name it MAST. and i guess i have to be MAST in this IVF situation.





Egypt-Al Tannoura

               Now this guy really loves what he’s doing, his passion is literally oozing out

I have a friend, she is very passionate about her work. My two sister they are amazing artists, hence very passionate about painting. Most of the people around me know what they want whereas i was/am passionate about lots of things, my passions come and go. when i was in college i was passionate about helping the human race hence my post graduation in Psychology, then came volunteer work at an orphanage, travelling, photography, baking, banning Canned hunting in South Africa, studying Egyptian history in Egypt, endless Safari drives, bungee jumping, golf, tennis, walking through old streets of Cairo, trekking, waiting on Games of thrones, Downton abbey, The walking dead etc etc and etc, the endless list…..

but… the end if i was ever really passionate and ever really dreamy about was, being married, having a nice good looking husband(yes looks do matter :P), a nice cosy apartment and most of all being a MOM. I have most of it, i know i should be thankful but i am not a MOM.  Everything comes down to my *that Passion*, and what scares me the most is IF this IVF is not successful what am i going to do?

Yes…so…i envy people who get to do whatever they are passionate about, who know what they want in life





I want to vanish within the folds of my Love,

to forget myself and the world around,

to put my problems in His Hands,

and He puts peace in my Heart

Egyptian El Tannoura- Al Ghouri Complex.

I wont’t call it a show or a dance as nowadays shows and dance have taken a new meaning and become more and more money making business, probably this may be one them, i wouldn’t know but if your are in Egypt and want to see the most authentic of the El Tannoura left, this is the place to go.